We are under a new set of bylaws since January 1st. The bylaws can be found here on the website along with ways to become a member of the SCGB.

We are also looking for events to add to our 2014 calendar and we already have a dozen for the year. We will of course be appearing for New Dimension Comics and at the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade but there’s a ton going on and we want to be a part of it.

June 1st 2014 is also the 30th Anniversary for Ghostbusters so expect to see a lot of us and a lot of GB on social media, the news, etc.

We were recently contacted about doing an article with online magazine, Hollyburgh, which is the latest online magazine made from all the latest boom in Hollywood coming into the city of Pittsburgh. We of course have no big news to bring you on the SCGB being in a movie but we do have an amazing article for you all to read. Please check it out and come over to our Facebook page to let us know what you think of this amazing article.

Article: http://hollyburgh.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/pittsburgh-calls-on-the-ghostbusters-to-make-a-difference/

For those of you that missed the WTAE-TV Pittsburgh feature at 6pm on The Pittsburgh Ecto-1 and owner Robert Shapiro then here it is in all its glory. Not only is the full feature there but some more information that didn’t make air, as well as, a link to this website. Thanks goes to Rob for putting the word out there and, of course, Channel 4 for covering our story.


Miss us? You know you did.

Our sincerest apologies for the lack of updates on the site. We’ve been positively swamped since our last posting. Our schedule from September on wards tends to get very wacky with our Halloween events, the Hayride,  our own Halloween plans plus November and December keep us all busy with friends and family during the holidays.

If you’ve emailed us in this hectic time span, don’t fret, we have not forgotten about you! Our inbox has been backed up since the beginning of October, and we’re slowly combing through it. We hadn’t anticipated the volume of inquiries we received and will be implementing some changes to keep in better contact during this busy time next year. In all the hustle and bustle we’ve also neglected the featured member section. Fear not, you’ll be in for a double dose very soon!

With all of that out of the way, we’d like to take a moment to recap some of the events we have done this year.

  • Butler Comic-Con – A nice little comic con held at the Butler Mall
  • Pittsburgh St. Patty’s Parade – Probably the highest profile event we have ever done in our area, and our first parade. Hopefully we can have a repeat performance this year!
  • Boston St. Patty’s Parade – We sent a few of our members up to participate in what was essentially a big meet up for franchises in the North East.  We would describe this as “Legendary”
  • Pittsburgh Comic-Con – An annual favorite. We’re already sketching out some plans for 2012.
  • New Dimension Comics Grand Opening – We love us some comics, so we were quite pleased to help make this Grand Opening a good one.
  • Birthday Party – We finally made our first appearance (free of charge) at a fan’s birthday party. Very happy to have made that little fellows birthday a special one!
  • Otakon – Another out of town event that a few of our members attended, and they had a lovely time.
  • Steel City Con – Another regular appearance for us.
  • Faded 80′s Party – The number of people who were confused about a giant Stay Puft in the Southside was astounding.
  • Sewickley Harvest Fest – An annual Fall favorite, in which we hope to make a repeat appearance!
  • Faded Fest – Another Southside experience, seeing Ghostbusters downtown was quite a hit with the Pittsburgh nightlife.
  • Zombie Walk – Seriously, the Ghostbusters blew up a Marshmallow man with their proton packs, why is it so hard to believe they could kill some zombies?
  • AMC Loews GB Screenings – We were pleasantly surprised to see our favorite movie get re-released on the big screen!
  • Haunted Hills Hayride – Our annual Haunt. Pun intended.
  • Stuff – A – Bus – Typically our last event of the year, and one of the most rewarding.


As you can see, we’ve been pretty busy this year. Hopefully 2012 treats us just as well as 2011 did.  We’d like to give a huge shout out to everyone who had us come out to their events, and most of all a big shout out to all the fans. Thanks for all of your support and appreciation of our work, we genuinely enjoy meeting everyone at events and having a friendly chat is one of the perks of what we do.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at the Steel City Ghostbusters. We look forward to seeing you in the coming year!

Want to try your hand at building a proton pack from scratch? Need to know a dimension of a piece? These new proton pack plans are exactly what you’ll want to reference.  These plans were actually contributed on by some guys we know, so we can safely say that these are the BEST plans available!

The description of the plans as found on GBFans:

Thomas Becker (ChapterMasterTu’shan) completed these plans in 2011 after new photos with high resolution were taken of a hero pack. Their purpose was to take care of some inconsistencies in earlier plans and to incorporate new discoveries. These plans were done completely in CATIA v5r20 as individual parts built up into assemblies using previously available plans as a base then making changes where previous inconsistencies and new dimensional information, some of which that was not readily available previously, required their adjustment. What few unknown dimensions remained were determined through scaling in the program and comparison to dozens of reference photos. These plans are absolutely the most accurate ones to date as most of the main dimensions come from a screen-used hero GB1 Proton Pack though it must be noted that variations in the original screen-used packs mean any plans can only be “nominal” in some areas. These areas will be pointed out in the plans where applicable. Notable helpers include Matt Burkit, Jack Doud, Vinny Montenegro, and Vincent Nordone.

These plans are a fantastic asset to anyone wanting to build a proton pack, so check them out by clicking here.

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A brand spanking new Steel City Ghostbusters website. We aim to please here, and hopefully this new site will bring a much better web experience to our fans!

You’ll notice that the content we had made available on our old website is now available right here via those navigation buttons above this post.  Not only did we bring all of the old info back and update it, we’re helping keep you in the know with us and with the Ghostbusters Fan Community as a whole!

You’ll notice that on the left there’s several buttons linking to our social networking accounts. Follow us on these pages as well as on this site to keep up to date on our latest events.

Also on the left you’ll see news feeds from a few of the Ghostbusters-Related news sites. Click these links to visit those stories and check out the sites they’re posted on, while you’re at it.

On the right we’ve got some more links.  Here you’ll find the links to the websites of some of the franchises we’ve been able to collaborate with. Give them a shot and tell em Steel City sent you.

Beneath the franchise links there are links to a few Ghostbusters Community websites. These sites have TONS of info, so check them out if you haven’t before!

Finally beneath that we’ve got links to prop plans, because lets face it..everyone wants to own a piece of Ghostbusting Equipment.

So, poke around and enjoy the website!

Features you’d like to see? Questions? Comments? Post them here or give us a shout at steelcityghostbusters@gmail.com